Parents Force Their Daughter to Hold Sign in Busy Intersection


Gentry and Renee Nickell of Crestview, Florida decided to punish their 13-year-old daughter in a rather non-traditional way last weekend. Their daughter’s disrespectful behavior drove them to approach the situation in a different way that included a busy intersection and a rather bold sign. They decided that they had enough with her disrespectful behavior, and the parents took action to make her punishment public and completely humiliating.

Last Saturday, their teenage daughter spent an hour and a half standing at a busy intersection, holding a hand-written sign that described her faults. The sign read: “I’m a self-entitled teenager w/ no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 ‘D’s’ because I DON’T CARE!”

Motorcyclists drove by the embarrassing scene and snapped pictures of the young girl in the intersection. Some of the photographs ended up on Facebook and where shared with the local Crestview community.  The police was called, and when the officer showed up to talk to the teen he left, deciding that she was aware of her punishment. Police records state that the teenager was “aware of her punishment and she was not in any harm.”

The young girl’s parents are feeling public humiliation of their own now that the media has picked up on their parental choices. “I wasn’t even thinking about what the public was going to think,” said her mom, Renee Nickell.  The parents explained that having their daughter hold up a sign in public wasn’t their first choice, but grounding her had never worked in the past.

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