Ohio Mom Breastfeeds at Bernie Sanders Rally

Last Thursday, a woman breastfed her 6-month-old daughter in the middle of the crowd at a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Cleveland, Ohio. She did her motherly duty and told women’s oppression to shove it at the same time.

Elle Bradford, mother of newfound celebrity Harper, said on her Facebook page, “So my boobs went viral today but it’s okay because it was for Bernie Sanders.” She then called for other breastfeeding moms to join her in the latest coalition of Bernie supporters, dubbing their movement #boobsforBernie.

While Bradford has gotten plenty of hate mail, she wrote on Facebook that she has received "a lot more love mail." Consider this article an addition to the latter pile, Elle! This kind of dedication is next-level.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, reportedly approached Bradford after his speech took place “to thank her for being a mother," according to NewsNet5. Bradford’s commitment to her politics is undoubtedly impressive, as is her rejection of societal norms that suggest she shouldn’t be breastfeeding in public.

Elle Bradford, we salute you. Also, Harper is adorable!