Obama Said Dropping Malia Off At College Was 'Like Open-Heart Surgery'

On Monday, Barack Obama reminded us that although he may not be commander-in-chief anymore, he he will always be America’s dad-in-chief.

At an event for the Beau Biden Foundation, Obama reflected on how difficult it was to drop his daughter Malia off at college this fall, according to CNN: “For those of us who have daughters, it just happens fast. I dropped off Malia at college, and I was saying to Joe and Jill (Biden) that it was a little bit like open-heart surgery.”

Malia is a freshman at Harvard this year, and her parents helped her move in the dorms just like everybody else. And, just like everybody else, her dad tried to play it off like he wasn’t emotional.

Obama spoke about dropping Malia off at college at a fundraiser for The Beau Biden Foundation. The foundation seeks to “ensure that all children are free from the threat of child abuse”, and reminds us all to educate ourselves on the signs of child abuse and what we can do to protect vulnerable children.

"I was proud that I did not cry in front of her. But on the way back, the Secret Service was off, looking straight ahead, pretending they weren't hearing me as I sniffled and blew my nose. It was rough," Obama said. Awww.

This is not the first time Obama’s been the Most Typical Dad Ever™ though. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Obama said that Malia’s younger sister Sasha taught him how to use Snapchat, and when he started discussing the implications of social media, she took a video and sent it to her friends, apparently complaining about how boring the conversation was.

And, of course, there are all the times Obama wore dad jeans. But, more importantly than being a “typical dad,” Obama is a good dad — and helps us get our daily dose of emotional volatility out of the way.