The Obama-Biden Bromance Is Still Alive & Well At A Lunch Date In A DC Bakery

It’s good to know that Obama and Joe Biden still hang out with eachother even after their time in office is over.  By the looks of video of the two together at lunch, their bond is as strong as ever! 

The former president and vice president were seen having lunch together on Monday at Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown. “Look who stopped by @DogTagBakery for lunch today!” the establishment tweeted.

According to its website, the bakery provides disabled veterans, military spouses and military caregivers work experience and lessons on how to run a business. 

As seen in the video posted on the businesses Facebook, Obama and Biden ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. 

According to Huffington Post, the two have not been seen together publically. They’ve been at the front of so many memes because their “bromance” is iconic. Obama has also kept a pretty, low profile since leaving the White House.  According to WJLA, Michelle Obama and him were spotted dancing together at the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Maryland. Joe Biden is a front runner for 2020 presidential nomination, if he decides to run. 

Thanks to social media, we got a whole play by play of their outing!

At this moment, we all wish they were back in office.

One person got a quick picture of the two at their booth.

Obama even took the time to speak with other customers.


#stillmypresident Look who stopped into #dogtagbakery today! ❤️❤️❤️

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He even took a moment to practice his yoga poses!

Long live the former POTUS/VPOTUS bromance!