A New Study Finds That Millennials Prefer To Drink At Home & Apparently Everyone Has An Opinion On It

A study conducted by Mintel found that 28 percent of young millennials between the ages of 24 to 31 prefer to drink at home rather than going out to the bar because they believe “it’s too much effort to go out.”  In comparison, only 15 percent of Baby Boomers between the ages of 54 to 72 agree. The reasons for drinking at home seemed to vary, but 74 percent found it more relaxing, 69 percent found it less expensive, and 35 percent found it more personal. As well, 38 percent of stay at home drinkers are choosing to stay at home to drink to better control their alcohol intake, which is an incredibly responsible move.

“Bars and restaurants must work harder than ever to provide customers with a unique drinking experience. For example, an ‘Instagramable’ pop culture pop-up bar offers an experience that can’t be replicated from consumers’ living rooms,” said Senior Foodservice Analyst at Mintel Caleb Bryant in their official press release.

Honestly, I get it. You can still have a great time inviting a friend over for a drink than meeting up at some random bar. Drinking at home is definitely cheaper (like a fraction of the cost). You can still make the fun, delicious drinks you’d get at the bar without having to wait in extremely long lines. You can actually talk to your friend without having to scream over the music.

Overall, the report finds that 55 percent of American consumers prefer to drink at home.

Though, it seems like everyone has an opinion on what millennials are up to these days, and this is no different. People on social media seem to have very strong opinions on this topic. Especially, the ones on social media blamed it on the laziness of the “stay at home” generation.

It doesn’t matter your age, anyone can prefer to stay at home in your favorite, cozy sweatpants, with a face mask on and a glass of wine in your hands rather than going out. Many on social media were quick to point out that there is nothing wrong with staying at home to have a drink. People consistently mentioned that it was significantly cheaper to drink at home than go to a bar, especially in larger cities, where there are hidden additional costs like parking or using a ride service.

Other's just seemed entirely confused by this study.

I guess you can feel free to discuss this study further during your next stay-at-home wine night.