New Facebook Game Shows How Many of Your Friends Are Total Strangers

While we all know that the term "friends" on Facebook is one to be taken lightly, of your hundreds, or maybe even thousands of Facebook friends, how many do you think you'd be able to simply recognize in real life?

This exact question is one that can be answered by a new game called "who's tagged" developed by the Belgian developers of Simit, which shows you a series of images of your Facebook friends, asking you to guess who's tagged.

Within the first three days, over 10,000 played, and statistics showed that an average of only four out of ten friends were recognized. The developer, Jens De Jaegher, explained, “Most pictures that are difficult to recognize, such as Bitstrips and ‘tag to win’ games are already filtered out.”

The purpose of the game's development, as explained by its creator, Jeffrey Drooghenbroodt, was to bring to light the fact that "a lot of people are still not aware of how many of their Facebook friends are in fact, complete strangers."

Considering how much personal information people tend to share on Facebook, its important to be aware of who is seeing what you post. 

You can find the game online or download the app today to see how many of your facebook friends you actually know!