This New Dating App Will Match You With Someone Who Hates the Same Things You Do

Relationships are founded on common interests, right? Usually we take "common interests" to mean liking the same things, but new app Hater will match you based on what you say you hate.

Hater doesn’t have a biographical section for users to fill out, instead asking them to answer whether they like, love, dislike, or hate various topics (the app has over 2,000 of them). After a few minutes, your profile will be made up of your choices, which will then be used to match you to other users.

The idea for the app actually comes from the creator’s idea for a comedy sketch, parodying dating apps. “When I pitched it,” app creator Brendan Alper told The Washington Post about the sketch, “people encouraged me to pursue it as an actual idea.”

The most hated topics since the app launched last Tuesday are the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump, bullies, hangovers, high rent, and those people who walk in front of you on the sidewalk really slowly.

Even though the app is based on things people hate, don’t think that users are hateful people, or that they are allowed to get away with hate speech. If they do, they’ll be reported.

“We want to be edgy, but recognize that it’s all in good fun,” Alper told the Post.

There’s actual science to support the idea behind the app. A 2006 study found that participants would form a closer relationship when they both hated the same person, than they would when they shared a love for something else. That won't be surprising to anyone who's bonded with a new best friend in class over a mutual hatred of your obnoxious group project member.

The timing of the app’s release can’t be a coincidence. For cynical, single people who don’t want to celebrate love (and pink, and hearts) on Valentine’s Day, the Hater app is the perfect alternative. Go forth and hate!