Mattel's Super Hero Toys For Girls Are Actually Kicking Butt

The toy industry has never been perfect for girls, and especially not when it came to super heroes. But as of recently, things are starting to look up, especially for Mattel. DC Super Hero Girls, the new toy line from Mattel, has sold extremely well so far, according to Quartz.

Quartz reports that although the toys only began to sell in March at Target, Mattel’s president, Richard Dickson, is hopeful that they will do very well considering Mattel’s history with girl-directed toys. Earlier this year, Mattel lost the rights to sell Disney princess dolls—a huge financial loss. But now, the company is hoping to trigger investments because of how well these action figures are doing. 

The company and Target are even going as far to say that these are “the first-ever action role-play toys for girls.” That’s a pretty big statement. 

Fingers crossed that these toys inspire young girls to go out and kick some butt!