A Man Was Accidentally Stabbed At A Tennessee Haunted House & It Was Horror IRL

In what sounds like a scene right out of a horror movie, a man was stabbed in the arm by his friend in a freak accident at a Haunted House in Madison, Tennessee.

The Nashville area neighborhood features the Nashville Nightmare Haunted House and escapes games every year. The attraction is run by the production company, Thirteenth Floor Attractions, who has several other locations of these frightful experiences.

According to the Tennessean, the Halloween obsessed James “Jay” Yochim, loves haunted houses and all things scary. Yochim is no newcomer to these scary attractions and has actually been to other Thirteenth Floor Attraction scary nights.

Interacting with the “cast members,” Yochim and friends were joking and playing around with a particular cast member who handed Yochim’s friend a knife and “told her to stab him with it" after teasing the group.

Thinking that it was all a part of the fun and a gag of sorts, Yochim’s friend reportedly stabbed him with the knife that they both thought was a prop. Yochim even said, “Keep in mind, we’d been chased by chainsaws, holding other weapons, all kinds of stuff all night, and it was all fake.”


Unfortunately, the knife was not fake at all, and neither was the blood or pain that Yochim would endure after being stabbed.

The aftermath of the stabbing resulted in panic from the friends and the male cast member who they think was responsible. Yochim recalls that the man who gave them the knife started panicking, saying he didn’t know the knife was that sharp. The male cast member has since been suspended.

According to the Associated Press, Yochim is recovering and had to get nine stitches.

Hopefully, this doesn't deter Yochim (or any of y'all) from attending any more scary nights.