To 'Make Trump's Birthday Great Again" Chrissy Teigen And Each Member Of Her Family Donated $72,000 To ACLU

Chrissy Teigen has announced that each member of her family has donated $72,000 to the ACLU in honor of Gemini President Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday. In total, their donation would be $288,000!

Instead of celebrating the president's birthday, she shifted the spotlight to show her support for immigrants in such a moving and powerful way.

“John and I are outraged to see and hear the horror stories of immigrant families seeking asylum and refuge in American being ripped apart due to the inhumane policies of the Trump administration. These actions are cruel, anti-family and go against everything we believe this country should represent,” Chrissy wrote on Twitter. “On this auspicious occasion, in order to Make Trump’s Birthday Great Again, each member of our family has donated $72,000 to the ACLU.”

The letter ends with John, Chrissy, and their two kids Luna and Miles signature.

The Trump administration has pushed forward several immigration policies in the last few months that have been detrimental to immigrant families, such as a recent surge in families being separated at the border. The most recent being, though, is Trump's decision to build tent cities at military posts to solve the growing number of children who are being detained. Jeff Sessions also wants to crackdown on rules of asylum. He ruled that domestic violence and gang victims are not likely qualified for asylum in the US. This could possibly cut thousands of claims each year for those seeking protection.

The American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU has been working to defend and preserve people’s individual rights that’s guaranteed to by the law and the Constitution for over 100 years. The organization has also been defending the rights of immigrants and protecting them from discrimination. They’ve also worked to advocate for reproductive rights, voting rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and criminal justice reform.

Chrissy Teigen also wrote in her powerful birthday message, encouraging people to donate to the ACLU like her family did.