This Kentucky Sorority Accepted Their First Sister with Down Syndrome

This Kentucky student’s story is truly inspirational. Alexis Cain, who attends Murray State University in Kentucky, has become the first woman with Down syndrome to join the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority at Murray State.

Alexis had wanted to rush since first attending school. Naturally, her parents were a little apprehensive about opening their daughter up to the possibility of rejection. However, Alexis herself was never worried. She told her mother, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna be OK.”

And make it she did! Not only did her sisters welcome her with open arms, but they also saw past any differences that might have prevented them from accepting her. In fact, Alexis has more similarities than differences with her future sisters.

“I like my sisters. We like the same music. We have the same hobbies. They just understand me really well,” she told the Today Show.

Alexis graduates from her program in December, so she'll only have one semester in ASA, but she will be able to participate as an alumna. She attends the school as part of its College to Career Experience, which allows students with intellectual disabilities to take college courses and gain work experience through an internship. Check out the video to see her reaction at finding out she had received a bid.