A Judge Ordered A 30 -Year-Old Man To Move Out of His Parents' House After He Refused Their Multiple Requests To GTFO

On Tuesday, a judge ordered a 30-year-old man from Syracuse to vacate his parent’s house in Camillus, New York.

Mark and Christina Rotondo sued their son Michael Rotondo after he ignored several notices to leave their home, reported ABC 7 News. They began giving him notices in February of 2018 and offered to give him $1,100 to help him find a new living situation. Though Rotondo took the money, he ignored all pleas by his parents who settle somewhere else.

In a letter to Michael dated February 13, Mark Rotondo wrote to his son: "After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided you must leave this house immediately. You have 14 days to vacate. You will not be allowed to return. We will take whatever actions are necessary to enforce this decision."

Five days later, in a letter to Michael dated February 18, Mark and Christina Rotondo urged their son to find a job. "There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you," they insisted. "Get one — you have to work!"

After months of eviction notices went unacknowledged, the Rotondos took their son to court. According to CNYCentral, Michael Rotondo stated that he “has never been expected to contribute to household expenses, or assisted with chores and the maintenance of the premises, or assisted with chores and the maintenance of the premises, and claims that this is simply a component of his living agreement.”

Though Michael Rotondo argued that he was owed a six-month notice, reported CNN, the judge did not rule in his favor. New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood believed the notices given by Mark and Christina Rotondo were sufficient.

ABC 7 News reports that Michael Rotondo does not yet have solid plans for his future. After moving back home eight years ago after losing a job, it is unclear where he will stay.