Jon Stewart Criticizes the Media for Only Discussing Caitlyn Jenner's Looks

Caitlyn Jenner recently presented herself to the world, and as Jon Stewart points out in the video below, the media has actually been fairly supportive of her transition. Undoubtedly this is not only a huge milestone for the trans community, but a giant step towards acceptance and equality in our society. However, as Jon Stewart also aptly points out, we still have a long journey to gender equality.

“Caitlyn, when you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen, but now you’re a woman, and your looks are really the only thing we care about," Jon Stewart said, criticizing the media for jumping to critique Jenner’s appearance as soon as she presented as a woman. While it’s certainly a good thing that everyone has embraced Caitlyn as a woman, it’s sad that being accepted as a woman goes along with being discussed based on how your hair looks, how much makeup you’re wearing, and how much you weigh.

Women have struggled with the media’s hypercritical coverage of their appearance for years. Many actresses decided to fight back during this years awards season with the emergence of #askhermore, in reference to female celebs on the red carpet only being asked about their appearance. The juxtaposition of the questions that Caitlyn was asked before and after her transition serves to expose this double standard.

Now that she’s a woman, the most important question, according to one broadcaster, is whether or not Caitlyn is hotter than Kim Kardashian. It can be easy to fall into the media’s trap and play along in these games. Who among us hasn’t criticized a female star for her outfit choice? But next time you feel yourself slipping, think again about the body shaming culture you’re helping to create.

For now, congratulations to Caitlyn Jenner on her bravery, for coming out in a society that isn’t always accepting. She’ll be given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award this July, which will give the media a lot more to talk about than just how great she looks on that cover.