Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Still Made Millions Despite Their $0 White House Salaries

Getting (or in this case, staying) rich while making no money? Seems impossible, right? Not if you’re Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner it isn’t. Although they both have unpaid positions in the White House, a report from The Washington Post last year shows that the two of them still seemed to rake in more than $82 million dollars in outside income.

They both no longer hold positions in their companies (like Trump with Trump International Hotel in Washington and Kushner with a Kushner Cos.), but they’re still receiving huge flows of income from them. They still have stake in their domestic and foreign businesses and are seriously profiting from them.

The Washington Post report estimated Trump’s assets to be worth $55.3 million and $75.6 million and Kushner’s between $179 million and $735 million. A heck of a lot compared to their $0 income at the White House.

In a email statement, a spokesman for Kushner’s and Trump’s ethics counsel for Abbe Lowell, Peter Mirijanian, says that  “since joining the administration, Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump have complied with the rules and restrictions as set out by the Office of Government Ethics.” But some people are still worried about potential conflicts of interest.

Just to break down what they earned into more bite-sized pieces (if you can even call billions “bite-sized”) - Kushner earned at least $70 millions from his real estate holdings, as The Washington Post reported. Trump received more than $5 million from her clothing brand in 2017, $747,622 in “guaranteed fixed yearly payments” from the Trump Organization’s international operations, and a $2 million severance from the Trump Organization.

Trump also earned a $289,300 advance for her book “Women Who Work.” But she donated that. Claps for her.

If they say it's not a conflict of interest, then it must not be. I guess?