It's Time to Download the Starbucks Emoji Keyboard

In a press release Monday, Starbucks announced the unveiling of a new app that allows users to use Starbucks-themed emoticons on their iPhones and Androids through text and other messaging platforms. Before you go see for yourself, yes, they did Starbucks-ify the Red Dress Lady. Now she dons a green dress and shoes and hoists a Frappuccino high in the air.

The app is similar to others like Bitmoji and Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji, in that it requires users to do the extra work of copying and pasting each icon they want to use. This has resulted in some not-so nice reviews, as this cumbersome practice is a little bit too much for our sensitive, smartphone-softened fingertips.

User reviews also express that the quality of the mini images isn’t quite up to par. One user writes that “the icons are poorly designed and pixelated.” Hopefully some of these issues can be remedied with updates to the app, but for real, this is the most exciting thing that’s happened to our phones since the middle finger emoji was finally introduced.

The app will receive new content “throughout the year” and appears to be the coffee giant’s attempt to keep the excitement coming after a huge update to the Starbucks rewards program. Surely, there will be a proliferation of mini, digital Pumpkin Spice Lattes all over your social media timelines come fall.

Maybe Starbucks will come out with individual symbols for drinks and drink preferences, and then there will be a way to send those to your local store like you’re now able to do with Domino’s Pizza. The emoji possibilities are endless!