IHOP Says It’s Now IHOb & Nobody Understands What The Heck Is Happening

Earlier this week, IHOP announced via Facebook and Twitter that it would soon change its name to IHOb. The move was met with shock across the internet. Why flip the ‘P’ to a ‘b’?

The reason for this name change is unclear and IHOP says they will share more information on June 11, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from cooking up some theories. IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes…so what could IHOb stand for?

Most users speculate that the 'b' stands for 'breakfast' and while International House of Breakfast has a nice ring to it, others guess that the 'b' may stand for 'bacon', 'biscuits', heck, even 'Beyonce'.

One Twitter user thinks the 'b' could even stand for 'bitcoin'. Maybe IHOP is getting into the cryptocurrency game?

Regardless of what the 'b' actually represents, for now, everyone wants a turn at guessing. Even IHOP joined in on the fun. 

While there is no domain set up for IHOb yet, Twitter users quickly noted that the IHOb Twitter account has already been verified. The plot thickens.

I guess we'll have to wait until June 11 for answers.