If The Aliens Come Next Year, Remember That This Guy Warned Us

After a night out drunk you might say and do some pretty bizarre stuff, but it's be hard to top this guy who drunkenly claimed that aliens will be coming for us —or at least for Casper, Wyoming—next year.

KTWO-AM reports that police in Casper responded to an intoxicated gentleman named Bryant Johnson who claimed he came from the future, specifically the year 2048, to warn people of an impending alien invasion. He told the police that residences needed to evacuate since the aliens would be there in 2018.

Apparently he was supposed to be go back to the year 2018 and not 2017, because that's the only thing that's wrong in this situation. Naturally, he wanted to speak to the president of the town as well. 

Mugshot from Casper Police Department

Given he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol, according to KTWO, we're guessing he didn't really come from the future, but was just incredibly wasted.

KTWO also reported that a breathalyzer showed a BAC of .136 — but he blamed the aliens for that. Apparently they filled his body with alcohol so that he could time travel using a "giant pad" too. 

Obviously. Next time you go out, you should see if you can time travel! But also maybe not, because Johnson ended up being arrested for public intoxication.