This High School In South Dakota Cancelled Their Homecoming Game After Racist Vandalism

A high school in South Dakota has canceled its homecoming because of a video showing students destroying an old car with "Go back to the Rez" painted on the side, according to CBS News.

Pine Ridge High School located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, was scheduled to play against Sturgis Brown High School. But the game was canceled Thursday after a video of Sturgis students surfaced. 

"It's the worst day I've ever had," Sturgis Principal Pete Wilson told the Associated Press. According to the principal, the discipline will be carried out "after we figure out everything."

Pine Ridge Principal Michael Carlow also praised Wilson for taking action against the hate crime.

The car smash has been a tradition in the high school for some time, minus the racist comments spray painted on the car, of course. Students would beat up old cars painted in the opposing school colors to fundraise for homecoming week.

According to CBS affiliate KELO-TV, football reporter Matt Kerney says it's a few bad apples that ruined the pie for the whole town. However, there is no way to know if such racially inflammatory ideas are shared with more than just the three students in the picture. 

As of right now, Sturgis Police Chief Geody VanDewater says "there's not anything criminal," but that officials are still "looking through it thoroughly before we make judgment."     

About 700 students attended an assembly at Sturgis early Thursday morning to discuss the hate crime and learn cultural awareness. 

Even the school board apologized on behalf of the student's careless actions, and voted 8-0 to cancel the game and all other homecoming activities for the sake of student's safety.

"We do not support, teach nor endorse the inappropriate behaviors and actions that occurred Wednesday evening. We are appalled and disgusted by the racist comments that appeared on social media," they said in a statement with The Rapid City Journal. While it's expected that none of the schools teach that kind of behavior, it's important that they take the responsibility of removing any existing hurtful mindsets. This canceled homecoming game will go down in history: Pine Ridge 2, Sturgis 0.