Here's Why Your Leather Boots Are Getting More Expensive

If you’ve been shoe shopping recently, you might have noticed that the price tags for leather footwear have gone up. Don’t blame this on corporate greed or the fashion gods who you're convinced are out to get you. The reason for this increase in price is due to a cattle shortage in the U.S.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, leather prices have gone up 2.8 percent in the past year. Until 2013, the United States had been the largest producer of fine cattle hide for many years. Whether it’s due to the droughts in areas cattle are bred or the high cost of cattle feed, raising cows is now an endeavor that some farmers can no longer afford. At the lowest number of cattle since 1973, genuine U.S. cow hides are not only becoming much more rare, but also much more expensive.

A luxury pair of boots that would have cost you $600 two years ago would cost you around $616.80 today. That difference in price might not matter to the people with well-paying jobs, but for us collegiettes, that’s a good amount of money that we’d rather see in our bank accounts.

Now is the perfect time to look into some vegan leather and other faux options when it comes to footwear. These non-leather options have actually decreased by 2 percent in the past year. Or, if you're looking for the real deal, check out some of your local vintage shops for a pre-loved pair that will surely be easier on the wallet!