A Google Translate Fail Caused Norway's Olympic Team To Receive A Whole Lot Of Eggs

When the chefs for Norway’s Olympic team received an order of eggs to feed their team, they expected to have 1,500 to work with. Instead, CNN reported that the chefs received 15,000 — and they weren't egg-static about that delivery error.

According to ESPN, there are 109 Olympic athletes on the Norway team, so the chefs placed a bulk order from a local store. They had thought they'd ordered 1,500 eggs but, when the truck arrived, the order contained 10 times that. 

A spokesman for the Norwegian Olympic Committee told CNN that it was a mess-up attributed to Google Translate.

Fortunately, the store was able to take 13,500 of the eggs back, so the chefs didn't have to scramble and were left with the original amount they ordered. With so many eggs, the Norwegian athletes would definitely eat well if they win during the Olympics, according to ESPN.

“We hope there will be a lot of sugar bread made for medal winners,” chef Stale Johansen said to a Norway network. Fans can only wonder what United States athletes may receive after winning in their competitions.