'Good Boy Dog Beer' Is Here & Yep, It's Beer For Your Dog

If you own a dog, what kind of dog owner are you? Do you spoil your favorite little companion in anything its heart desires? Do you give him/her only the highest quality food, the finest toys and the comfiest beds? Does the thought of your fluffy buddy having anything but the absolute best make your heart hurt? Are you also someone who enjoys human food being made into funny pet treats?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, dog beer might be your next essential when thinking of gifts for your pupper. Don’t worry, it doesn’t contain actual alcohol or anything that could get your dog feeling funky.

It is a soup like drink made up of chicken, pork and vegetable broth. It’s even safe for human consumption, even though we’d probably advise against that taste.

Each can is $5, which is a little steep, but if you truly believe your dog deserves nothing but the best (which it does) you might consider picking up a six pack.

A couple in Houston, Megan and Steve Long, created this Good Boy Dog Beer with three separate flavors for your dog’s exquisite palette. There is the pork based IPA lot in the yard, chicken based Mailman Malt Licker, and the veggie based Session...squirrel. All three options have to be bought just based off the insanely cute names alone.

You can’t deny that you would love to see your dog lapping up this fake beer. He/she can truly crack one open with you.

For the time being, this brew can only be found at 15 bars around Houston, but the couple is looking into expanding it, according to The Takeout. We can only dream of a day when all dogs can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice warmed up dog beer.