A Gay Couple Got Kicked Out Of An Uber For Kissing & It's So Wrong

A simple kiss was reportedly the cause of an Uber driver kicking a gay couple out of the car in an unsafe Houston neighborhood, according to local news station KPRC Click2Houston.

Randall Magill, 28, and Jose Chavez, 26, were celebrating their recent engagement with friends in Houston, Texas. In an interview with KPRC, the couple stated they had been drinking and decided to take an Uber home around 4 a.m. The driver had a mini-van with two separate seats. According to KPRC, everything was fine until Magill and Chavez shared a kiss.

The Uber driver then promptly asked them to get out, according to Hello Giggles. While they were upset, Magill and Chavez remained calm when they were told to leave. Magill said to KPRC that the driver told them he had kicked out a straight couple before, but they did not believe him.

“I wasn’t doing anything that I wouldn’t have done in public. I’m not going to embarrass myself or my fiancé by any means,” Magill said.

“I’ve never been told not to kiss or anything,” Chavez added.

According to Hello Giggles, the driver then pulled off the freeway to a deserted neighborhood and dropped them off. The couple then called another Uber to get home, but had to walk under the interstate bridge and to the other side of the freeway in order to get it, according to KPRC. Magill stated that he has never had a bad experience with Uber, but will probably never use the service again.

An Uber representative said both the driver and the rider reported the incident and are investigating, KPRC reported. Uber does have a no sex rule in its guidelines, but does not say anything regarding kissing. The company also has a clear nondiscrimination policy against riders or drivers.

This isn’t the first time Uber has been accused of mistreating passengers, so let’s hope that 2018 will bring change to ensure every ride-sharing user can safely get to their destinations.