The FBI Is Investigating After A Bunch Of Elementary School Girls Were Mailed Creepy Packages

This past week, the FBI launched an investigation after more than 50 young girls in Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia were sent mysterious packages containing food and a letter, according to Newsweek.

"Each order included the name of the girl and the address of the elementary school she attends," the Covington County district attorney’s office said. The letters were signed by a person identifying as "Atur Bhuck of Santa Fe, NM.”

In a post on their Facebook page, the Covington County District Attorney's Office wrote: “The FBI and the Alabama Fusion Center report that children living in the Southeast, including Alabama, have received unsolicited packages containing food and a letter signed ‘Atur Bhuck of Santa Fe, NM’ as well as visitor’s packages from New Jersey. Just this week, two Phenix City, Alabama girls received the packages which addressed to them in care of their elementary school. In the letters, ‘Bhuck’ wrote that he was 14 years old, mentally disabled and a target of bullying. He asked the girls to write him at either of these email addresses, [email protected] or [email protected].

This Gmail account is the same account that was used to order the packages. According to the Washington Post, when the FBI tracked the IP address used by that Gmail account, it found that someone using that same IP address had been on websites discussing girls’ underwear.

Authorities have not released any additional information about the packages or any suspects in the investigation.