The FBI is Currently Investigating a Man Who May Be 'Among the Most Prolific Serial Killers in U.S. History'

Samuel Little, a man currently sitting in a Texas prison, could be "among the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history," according to a new report from the FBI

The 78-year-old — who's already serving three life sentences for the murder of three Los Angeles women during the 1980s — has confessed to more than 90 murders, which span more than a dozen states coast to coast, The New York Times reported. The FBI is working with the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Texas Rangers, and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies. So far, investigators have confirmed Little's ties to about 30 of the murders he confessed to.

"By the time we are done, we anticipate that Samuel Little will be confirmed as one of the most prolific serial killers in American history," said Bobby Bland, the district attorney of Ector County, Texas, where Little is being held. 

According to the Associated Press, Little began confessing last spring while seeking a prison transfer after he lost an appeal. He has a long history of criminal activity, including shoplifting, fraud, drug charges, solicitation, and breaking and entering. In 2012, when Little was arrested on a narcotics charge, Los Angeles police matched his dna to three unsolved murders from the 1980s, the FBI said. 

"In all three cases, the women had been beaten and then strangled, their bodies dumped in an alley, a dumpster, and a garage," the FBI report stated, adding that the discovery of those crimes prompted a full background report, which "found an alarming pattern and compelling links to many more murders."

According to the report, Little can't remember a lot of details about specific dates and locations, but he does remember his victims. 

"Little remembers his victims and the killings in great detail. He remembers where he was, and what car he was driving. He draws pictures of many of the women he killed," the FBI said.

The New York Times reported that Little "displays no sign of remorse while discussing the killings." 

Along with its report, the FBI also released a map of murders potentially committed by Little.