Fake Socialite & Infamous Grifter Anna Sorokin Apparently Also Scammed The Fyre Festival Organizer

Karma is clearly hard at work this week as it was revealed that wannabe socialite and scammer, Anna Sorkin, got four months of free housing in New York by deceiving the founder of Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland.

According to Page Six, Sorkin got to know people on McFarland’s team. Once she got the permission to crash at their loft for a few days, she just wouldn’t leave. After four months of intense clinging and tagging along to parties, McFarland was only able to get Sorkin out by ending the lease on the place.

This wasn’t McFarland’s personal home either. According to Insider, Sorkin was staying in the headquarters of McFarland’s credit card company in Soho.

This isn’t Sorkin’s first deceitful interaction. She’s currently "crashing" at RIkers Island after being charged with grand larceny and theft of services after scamming banks, businesses and friends into gifting her thousands of dollars worth of goods, according to Page Six

As for McFarland? You’ve probably heard of Fyre Festival — the failed event in 2017 that went viral for being a huge scam. According to NPR, he’s already plead guilty to fraud and is scheduled to be sentenced later this week.