Everything We Know about 'Walmart Yodeling Boy,' The Internet's Latest Obsession

Thanks to his cowboy boots, belt buckle, insane yodeling, and a tweet that's been shared over 168,000 times since publication, 10-year-old Mason Ramsey has captured our hearts through social media.

As noted by PopCulture, Mason was spotted belting his heart out with Hank Williams Sr.'s song "Love Sick Blues" in one of the aisles of a Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois.

The video quickly garnered meme-ability, some users finding hilarious resemblances to other pop-culture moments (we're looking at you "Spongebob") to others gushing about how amazing it is. I mean, the whole thing is just iconic — it can't get any more American than country music sung by a boy wearing a little country outfit in a Walmart.

It's not the first time Mason has been spotted singing in Walmart before — a quick search on YouTube reveals other his aisle-side concerts, as well as other videos of the 10-year-old singing covers, even appearing on local radio station Beaver 100.3 FM to share his musical talents with his community.

Until then, it won't take long until we see him yodeling on "The Ellen Show."