Elon University Professor Fired for Sending Sexual Texts to Student

Hans Arneson, a Religious Studies professor at Elon University in North Carolina, was dismissed after sending sexual text messages to one of his students.

Junior Amy DeNenno began receiving texts from Arneson last fall, which soon turned inappropriate. Arneson invited DeNenno to drink alcohol with him after class, although she was under 21, and also sent her sexually graphic messages. 

“I didn’t know how to react because the way he was talking to me was the way that any guy in general that was flirting with me would talk to me,” she said.

After becoming increasingly uncomfortable, and even skipping class to avoid Arneson, DeNenno notified University officials of the situation in February. Arneson was dismissed from the University this semester.

“If I could change everything I probably would have told him that that drink did make me feel uncomfortable,” said DeNenno. “I probably would have told him to just kind of chill out, stop talking to me like that. Yeah I think that there’s just more regrets than anything.”