Dunkin' Donuts Just Introduced a New Menu Item That Combines Two of Your Favorite Foods

Dear Dunkin Donuts: please don't ever change. Please keep giving us food and drinks we never knew we needed such as Girl Scout Cookie coffee and coffee-flavored beer — we truly appreciate all you do to keep us happy and caffeinated.

Dunkin's latest incredible invention? Donut fries. Yes, the coffee and donut giant has taken two of our favorite all-time foods and combined them into one delicious treat. They're exactly as amazing as they sound: cinnamon sugar-covered donuts, shaped into French fry form for easy snacking.

As Delish reports, the new donut fries are part of a new $2 snacking menu the chain is testing — so the unfortunate catch is that if you want to get your hands on them, you'll need to visit one of the "small number of its restaurants in the Boston market," to try them. If you're lucky enough to live in the area, however, you'll be able to order a package of five for only $1.99, proving dreams really do come true.

According to social media reactions, everyone is (naturally) already obsessed. For the sake of those of us who don't live in the Boston area, please keep the positive donut fries feedback coming Dunkin's way — because if they're successful in test stores, Dunkin' Donuts will likely roll them out across the country. And don't we all deserve to have donut fries in our lives?