A Dunkin Donuts In Baltimore Posted A Sign Telling Customers To Report Workers Not Speaking English & It’s As Bad As It Sounds

A sign in a Baltimore Dunkin’ Donuts asks customers to report employees for speaking in any language other than English, according to Business Insider. A reward of coupons and free food was offered in exchange for reporting employees. 

The sign was posted by the general manager and has since been removed. Business Insider said that reporters called the number on the sign and the person who answered said that they were no longer the general manager. A spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts went on to say that, “While her intent was to address a customer service and satisfaction issue, the franchisee determined her approach was inappropriate and confirmed the sign has been removed.”

From public arrests to racist rants, coffee shops across the country have come under a lot of fire in the last few weeks. CNN pointed out that there is no official language in the USA, not even English. Therefore, while English may be the dominant language, no federal law requires citizens to learn English. The rhetoric surrounding pressuring others to speak English is often tied to anti-immigrant ideologies. 

WBAL-11 shared a statement that they received from Dunkin’ Donuts that said, “Dunkin' Donuts and our franchisees share the goal of creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for all guests.” However, in interviews with other franchise owners, they found that at least one other owner had a similar sign in his store.