DeVos Says The School Safety Commission Won't Look At Gun Violence In Schools & I'm Sorry, WDYM?

In the last several years, Americans have found themselves fearful of things like going to a clinic, church, a concert or walking into work while the youth of America has found themselves fearful of going to school.

Why? Gun violence. 2018 has seen its fair share of mass shootings, including the attacks in Parkland, FL, Sante Fe, Texas and Indianapolis, IN. This has become a hot button issue, as it should be, and has many who were formerly on the opposition of gun control now wondering why Capitol Hill is overlooking the deaths of so many in favor of the Second Amendment.

In what many are seeing as a low point for the Trump administration, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has stated that The Federal Commission of School Safety, a group formed after the multiple school shootings, will not be looking into the role of guns in these events.

Huffington Post that DeVos was testifying in front of the Senate appropriations subcommittee earlier this week and stated the commission will study "school safety and how we can ensure our students are safe at school.”

When asked if an 18-year-old should legally be allowed to procure the means to create a mass shooting, DeVos responded, "I believe that’s very much a matter for debate, and I know that’s been debated within this body and will continue to be. Our focus is on raising up successful proven techniques and approaches to ensuring schools are safe for students to attend.”

Additionally, according to NY Daily News, the safety commission will not be looking into the practices of other nations that have significantly lower rates of gun violence as a means of research to change the way America deals with gun safety.

DeVos stated that the panel "aims to produce a report on best practices by the end of the year."