Cinnabon Alcohol Exists Now & It Might Be Perfect For Winter Brunch

Alcohol is an amazing thing, but it's especially good when it tastes like your favorite desserts. It’s tough to find a reliable drink that doesn’t cause your eyes to fill with tears at every sip. So, now that Cinnabon has come out with two liquers, you have to jump at this opportunity.

One of the two new flavours is called Horchata Crème Liquer. Horchata is a milk drink usually made from almonds, tiger nuts or rice. Cinnabon’s website promotes it as a perfect blend of cinnamon, almond and rice. They advise you to sip it on the rocks or in a cocktail. They’re giving us the ability to splash some into coffee, warm cocktails or anything that needs a creamy, sweet kick to it. We are very grateful.

Image via Cinnabon

The other addition is Cinnamon Crème Liquer, which is described as a velvety (so we’re already sold) blend of cinnamon and real dairy cream. They recommend putting it in some coffee, too. So, your coffee has double the upgrades. Cinnabon literally writes that these new drinks will “nourish your soul" and we believe it. 

We all know someone that always picked Cinnabon every time you went to the mall. You literally can’t walk past it without being immediately hungry. Now that you can mix that sensation with your Friday night pre-game, your weekends are bound to be on the up. Happy cocktail making!