This Campaign is Trying to Take Back the Word 'Vagina'

If you’re a woman who has been alive for at least 14 years, it safe to assume that you have probably heard more than a dozen different words to describe your vagina. But have you ever wondered why people are so afraid to actually just say “vagina”?

Well, according to Cosmopolitan, there is a group out there that is trying to eliminate the taboo of that word exactly. Legalize V, “a campaign to promote the unabashed use” of the word “vagina”, made a video that really everyone should watch . 

LegalizeV says that their goal is simple, to “Give everyone the freedom and power to say the word Vagina (or when appropriate vulva)”, according to their website. And if you are wondering how and where to get that power, there are steps that actually make a lot of sense, starting with actually saying "VAGINA out loud, in the mirror, or in public until you are fully comfortable” and then the message will grow stronger. 

Ok well if LegalizeV says we should do it so why not? VAGINA!