Brides Are Carrying Pizza Bouquets Down The Aisle & TBH It's The Most Romantic Wedding Season News Ever

It is finally wedding season! Brides everywhere are picking their dresses, shopping for accessories, and scrolling through Pinterest for some wedding inspo to make their very special and romantic day picturesque. And we know there is only one thing most brides love more than their soon-to-be partner — pizza.

That’s right pizza.

For all of you food lovers, thanks to pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen the bride can now walk down the aisle with a pizza wedding bouquet and the groom can wear a matching edible boutonniere, as Elite Daily reports.

Each bouquet and boutonniere are made of delicate and cheesy pizza flowers that are handcrafted by New York City food stylist Jessie Bearden.

“We are so excited to kick-off wedding season with the launch of the world’s first pizza bouquet and boutonniere,” said Mimi Wunderlich who is the director of communications and digital marketing for Villa Italian Kitchen. “These delicious floral accessories are perfect for pizza-loving couples looking to spice up their wedding with one-of-a-kind designs.”

According to Delish, between now and June 15, couples tying the knot this summer and lovers of pizza can enter to win a custom pizza bouquet and boutonniere that can attach to the lapel. Each are freshly made with fresh pizza dough, 100 percent whole milk mozzarella, fresh Cali tomatoes, and pepperoni. A lucky winner will be selected at random.

While I love pizza as much as the next person, if it were my wedding day, I’d be terrified that my white wedding dress would get ruined! The bouquet would definitely be an arms-length away.

Is this the weirdest wedding trend we’ve seen? It is definitely up there. But it's not the first time we’ve seen couples swapping rose bouquets for something more gourmet. Last year, an Australian bride held powdered donuts during her wedding march. Honestly though, who hasn’t thought about the benefits of having a snack as you walk down the aisle?