This Badass Texas Grandma Avenged The Death Of Her Mini Horse By Killing A Giant Alligator

It only took one shot for great-grandmother and mayor of Livingston, Texas to get revenge on a 12-foot, 580 pound alligator. Judy Cochran had suspected the gator ate her miniature horse, which disappeared three years ago, USA Today reports. 

"As big as this gator was, he could've easily eaten it,” she told reporters.

Texas is one of the few states with legal hunting seasons for gators and in Polk County, where Cochran resides, that time frame is for 20 days in September. Hunters also have to obtain tags and permits, and all gators must be hooked before killed. 

With the limited window of opportunity open, Cochran was prepared, and when she received a call from her son on Sunday of this week to let her know the gator had been hooked, she was ready.

She was adamant that people know she followed the law, and that she is in no way a hunter, but is looking forward to the meat and has plans to display the head in her office. 

After the deed was done, she told Dallas News, “Don't mess with Nana.”