This Baby Had a Guy Fieri-Themed Birthday Party & We Can't Get Enough

We love an over-the-top themed birthday party, and baby Campbell’s first birthday party definitely shines as one of the coolest we’ve ever seen.

Nataly Stein, Campbell’s mom, went all out with a Guy Fieri themed, food-centric birthday party complete with guests in costume, food cakes, and special decorations. After her son was born, doctors said there was a chance he would have a rare disease making him highly allergic to most foods. Campbell turned out to be just a carrier of the gene for the disease, and to celebrate his birthday, Stein decided to also celebrate his love for and ability to eat all the foods!



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Baby Campbell arrived in style with his Guy Fieri outfit. The party was set up with a sign declaring “Diners, Campbell’s Birthday, and Dives.”

 His mom owns three bakeries in California called Great Dane Baking Co, and designed the most amazing huge food cakes, including a floating can pouring out nachos, a burger, a “flavortown” city hall cake, pizza, pancakes, and more. Other foods featured included custom cookies from the same bakery, a milkshake bar, nacho bar, and ranch dressing fountain (which is apparently a real thing).



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Campbell had a swiss cheese wedge-themed smash cake. Not only was the party adorable in every way, it also did good for the community. Instead of presents, Stein asked for donations of canned goods for a local children’s shelter. With 150 guests in attendance, that’s a lot of food being contributed to people in need. We love everything about this adorable, fun, and completely over-the-top Flavor Town birthday party!

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