Auntie Anne’s Has Birthday Cake Pretzel Nuggets & My Body Is Ready

We all love a good birthday. Who doesn’t want to celebrate a full year around the sun? It’s a perfect excuse for cake, balloons, friends and carefree behavior for a day. So, when food companies celebrate their birthdays it’s always a big deal full of promotion and cheer.

This year is Auntie Anne’s 30th birthday, so that’s pretty worthy of a party. A gift from them to anyone addicted to sweet and savory pretzels is the Pretzel Nation Creation poll. The company posted about it this year and received over 650 ideas for new flavors. Last year the infamous sriracha pretzel was the breadwinner.

image via Auntie Anne’s

After much deliberation Auntie Anne’s filtered it down into 10 choices for the public. These included birthday cake (obviously), caramel apple crème brûlée, chocolate coconut, pineapple upside down cake, tiramisu, chocolate covered cherry, cookies & cream, red velvet cheesecake, lemonade cake and cotton candy. Which of these sound overall appealing in general? Well, birthday cake won over caramel apple crème brûlée by a mere 662 votes.


According to Bustle, the new birthday cake flavor will be “dusted with vanilla, drizzled with chocolate syrup topped with fun confetti sprinkles.” The latest customer voted nuggets will be available for a limited time so get your hands on it fast.

It is bound to be your much needed sugar rush while at the mall or any food court. If you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate something definitely make your way on over to Auntie Anne’s ASAP.