This Audio Clip Is Basically the Next Blue vs. Gold Dress Debate & The Internet Is Divided

Just when you thought nothing could divide the Internet quite like the infamous blue/gold dress incident of 2015, well folks, we have yet another Internet-wide meltdown on our hands.

An audio clip originally posted to Reddit has gone viral for threatening to start fights and tear apart friendships (okay not really, but you get the idea), as the Internet debates whether the robotic voice in it is saying "Yanny" or "Laurel" — and truly, no one can seem to reach a consensus on the matter.

While some members of team Yanny are dead-set on what they're hearing, an equal number of people are 100% convinced they're hearing the name "Laurel" and everyone is freaking out.

So what's the deal? While no one will ever really know for sure (that is, unless the original creator of this sound clip could please stand up?), one Twitter sleuth has figured out that you can make yourself inclined to hear one or the other by adjusting the bass and volume on whatever device you're listening on. He might be onto something — and the lord and savior of the Internet.

According to the science, as per Business Insiderthis theory is probably correct — since Yanny is spoken on the clip at a higher frequency, you're more likely to hear it on a lower volume and if your bass isn't turned up. Similarly, you're more likely to hear Laurel if your volume and bass are turned all the way up.

The more you know! Which begs the question, which do you hear?!