Arizona Has A New Law Requiring Doctors To Ask People Why They're Getting Abortions & It's Seriously Invasive

A new Arizona Bill (SB 1394) was introduced into law by AZ governor, Doug Ducey, that requires doctors to ask people their reasoning for seeking out an abortion. Refinery29 reports that the questions are specifically targeted towards finding out if the “pregnancy is the result of a rape or if they're requesting abortion care because they're victims of domestic abuse or sex trafficking.”

Not only are physicians being required to give this invasive questionnaire but they’re also required to provide patient’s answers to the Arizona Department of Health Services. According to AZ Central, a local Arizona news outlet that’s part of the USA Today network, “Republicans and other supporters of SB 1394 said the questions are intended to help victims of assault or trafficking who are coerced into having an abortion.”

Although this is what supporters are claiming for reasoning of this bill, this really isn’t intended to help and support victims. Yes, doctors are required to provide patients with resources if rape or sexual assault is the case but Abortion Information noted in their blog post that four different Arizona medical groups didn’t support the bill as well as was opposed by the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Jodi Liggett, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona recommends “Instead of shaming and harassing women seeking health care, we urge policymakers to focus on respectful solutions that actually lower the abortion rate, like birth control.”

Maybe the government should stay out of patients’ business? IDK, just a thought.