Apple Is Reportedly Launching Three New iPhones

It's that time of year again — summer's ending, Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes have returned, and new iPhones are coming.

Granted, they're not expected to be as flashy as last year's iPhone X or 2014's iPhone 6. This is because Apple typically follows a pattern of introducing an entirely new design one year, followed by upgraded versions the next (AKA the "S year"). While some at Apple are still calling 2018 an "S year," Bloomberg reported that the company is still expected to launch three new phones.

Though not technically "new" designs, each iPhone will have a number of upgrades that go beyond speed. For example, all three will reportedly have the edge-to-edge screen design that was introduced with the iPhone X last year. They'll also "boast a wider range of prices, features and sizes to increase their appeal," according to Bloomberg

Here's an individual breakdown:

  • A new "high-end" iPhone. The display will measure about 6.5 inches diagonally, making it the largest iPhone yet (and one of the biggest phones on the market in general). It will have a glass back, stainless steel edges, dual cameras on the back, and software-wise, people will be able to view content side-by-side in apps like Mail and Calendar. 
  • An upgraded version of the current iPhone X, with the main differences being the process speed and camera. 
  • A device "destined to replace the iPhone 8," at a lower cost. It will look like the iPhone X, but have a larger screen, come in multiple colors, and feature aluminum edges. 

Apple is also expected to launch updated AirPods, a new Apple Watch, and upgraded iPad Pro tablets.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but here's to hoping everyone's current devices don't slow down in the meantime.