Apple Just Unveiled 56 New Emojis & We're Already Excited to Use Them

Ever feel like you can't quite find the exact emoji you feel will express your feelings the right way? Then get excited, because Apple just unveiled the 56 new emojis they're going to release later this year.

Some noteworthy additions to the new emojis will include a breastfeeding woman, an exploding head, a zombie, a woman in a headscarf, and more, HelloGiggles says.


@buzzfeed just announced new emojis coming soon to the iPhone check them out! #BKB #newemojis

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Apple says these emojis will include more animals, mythical creatures, and new smiley faces. After seeing all these new additions, we can't even imagine what else could possibly be added - but apparently, there are still plenty. Jeremy Burge, head of Emojipedia and creator of World Emoji Day, told Hello Giggles there are many more highly-requested emojis left to create, including a redhead, curly-hair and bald person.

The emojis will be released this fall with iOS 11.