Apparently Lava Selfies Are Not Allowed, Arrests Have Been Made For Selfies Near Hawaii Volcano

Some people have made it their mission to get up close and personal with the rivers of lava that are cascading down from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. The lava from the volcano is apparently very photogenic and just perfect for selfies.

Though, according to ABC News, authorities are not having it and are cracking down on the thrill seekers who are getting a little too close for comfort.


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Ever since the volcano erupted back in early May, bubbling lava, molten rock and fissures have forced families to evacuate from their homes. Some thrill-seekers though have posted selfies, where they are so close to the lava, mere feet it seems!

KITV 4 News reports that in the last 10 days, government officials in Hawaii have arrested or cited at least a dozen people for taking selfies extremely close to the lava.  Fines are being increased to nearly $5,000 and adding up to a year in jail if caught, according to ABC News.

Police in Hawaii have also set up roadblocks to prevent any visitors from taking selfies with the lava. As of right now, the Kilauea volcano eruption doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

I guess lava selfies are one way to step up your Insta game!