Apparently, A Bunch Of Woodchucks Ate Paul Ryan's Car During His Time As Speaker Of The House

How much could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan an entire car. 

On Thursday, Ryan explained to an audience at an event  that an entire family of woodchucks found a home in his Chevy Suburban. That is right, woodchucks have taken over Paul Ryan's car! NPR reports the family proceeded to then eat the wiring of his car, leaving him stranded.

Since Ryan is a congressional leader, he hasn’t been allowed to drive himself in three years. He has security detail to do that task for him. The car was parked outside his mother’s house in Wisconsin, and it just wouldn’t start. 

“So I towed it into the dealer, they put it up, and they realized that a family of woodchucks lived in the underbody of my Suburban,” he said. 

He was at the event to give a speech about Republican policies. He mentioned how the previous years tax overhaul helped the economy and how he disagreed with Trump’s decision to press tariffs on numerous nations. 

“The rulebook for the global economy of the future is being written right now. The question is whether the United States will be holding the pen,” he said.

On the bright side, Paul Ryan also mention how after his retirement as House Speaker in a few months he has no plans to run for president any time soon, if at all. He does plan on getting a new truck after retirement. He even renewed his license, so he could drive himself.