Aldi’s Floating Wine Glasses Will Change Your Next Beach Trip For The Better

No more crying over spilled wine or sand in your drink the next you are at the beach. As reported by Delish, Aldi’s is selling beach wine glasses. These aren’t your ordinary wine glass though. Instead of having a round, flat base, the glasses have a spiked bottom that you can stick into the sand for some stability. They can even float in the water, so you won’t have to worry about them tipping! 

You won’t have to worry about bringing actual glass to the beach, pool, or lake as these wine “glasses” are actually plastic and reusable. As well, they can be used for more than just wine. Fill your glasses with some water, juice, or iced coffee. You can even use them for your favorite beach snack. I think a good amount of M&M’s or pretzels would fit. Anything you don’t want to see tipping over into the water or sand would work!

The glasses come in turquoise, white, and clear shades, and the stems are designed with round bulbs that act as stabilizers in the sand. They have a 13.5 ounce capacity, which basically amounts to half a bottle of wine. The best news is that they are currently on sale for $2! (In other words, you could fill your shopping cart with these and your wallet wouldn’t be in tears.)

If you aren’t thrilled with Aldi’s options, have no fear. Popsugar points out that a company called Floating Beach Glass has a wide variety of similar “patented ball and stem design” glasses with a range of color options. If you are in the mood for some champs, they have a clear floating champagne glass. They also have a “beach glass bouquet” featuring six multi-colored glasses. These glasses will cost more than the ones at Aldi’s. A single glass from The Beach Glass retails for $11. 

So grab a glass and dive into the ocean, because there will be no more tipping this summer!