'90s Girls Rejoice: dELiA*s is Back!

If you were the type of tween who eagerly checked your mailbox around the same time each month for the latest dELiA*s catalog, you probably were the type who ugly-cried when your mom refused to order the five or more spaghetti strap tops, punny graphic tees and hair tchotchkes you longed for. So it was probably with a heavy heart that you learned the once-massively popular retailer had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in December. But guess what, gal pals (they totally sold a glittery tee with this slang printed on it at some point)—Delia's is making a comeback... online!

Earlier this month, the retailer announced its return on Instagram with a #DeliasForever hashtag and a snapshot of a back-to-school photoshoot, since it'll be making its online debut in August. According to Refinery29, the retailer was acquired by Steve Russo of Fab/Starpoint, a licensing and manufacturing company that specializes in back-to-school wear, youth accessories and handbags.

Though it would probably be hard for the former mall staple store to return to its '90s glory, we can't wait to see how the online revamp turns out at the end of the summer!