8 Times We Missed Jon Stewart During the GOP Debate

TBH we’ve been missing Jon Stewart ever since he left The Daily Show. But with the 2016 presidential election coverage ramping up and tonight’s GOP debate, we’ve never missed him more. Below are eight times during the debate we wished Jon was around to offer up his sarcastic, hilarious opinion on it all.

1. When Ted Cruz went on a rant about media bias

Don’t even begin to go there.

2. Every time Hillary was mentioned

Like, you know she’s not even here, right?

3. When we realized how many of the candidates he’s shut down in the past

During his long Daily Show tenure, he put most of these candidates in their place at one point or another. Hang on; we just let ourselves imagine what it would’ve been like if he’d been the moderator. *dies from pure elation*

4. When Jeb Bush offered us a “warm kiss”


5. Every time the candidates threw shade at the moderators

Stop breaking our hearts.

6. When that fantasy football question was asked…

…and we were supposed to take it seriously?

7. When Trump said literally anything

Stewart has gone on record declaring he would take a rocket to another planet if Trump is elected. That sentence says it all.

8. When we cried over how little was accomplished in that two-and-a-half hour period

What just happened?

We could really use a comeback right about now, buddy!