5 Ways to Celebrate National Lazy Day, Because This Holiday Makes Us Feel Seen

There are few holidays that exemplify our personal brand. However, National Lazy Day makes us feel seen. You might think it’s redundant to celebrate National Lazy Day if you’re lazy every day of the year, but you’re wrong. Being a professional lazy girl is a fulltime job without paycheck or college credit. After all, lazy girls might seem like they’re just lounging in their pajamas 24/7, but they’re mastering new hacks so they don’t have to do more work than necessary. Here are a few ways you can get festive during National Lazy Day and treat yourself to a truly ~relaxing~ day.

1. Start reading a new book

If you’ve learned anything from your lifelong ventures of being a lazy gal, then you know that laziness and unproductivity aren’t mutually inclusive. Though reading your overpriced and underused textbook might seem like a chore (and it def is), taking the time to read something that you enjoy—without the stress of having to annotate the book—can be a relaxing experience.

And if actually reading (because our eyes need a break, too) isn’t your jam on this particularly lax day, listen to an audiobook.

2. Or binge on a new podcast 

IMO, binge-watching can get old. Plus, we all know you’re going to spend 30 minutes scrolling through your Netflix queue just to re-watch The Office for the 200th time. There’s no shame because we’re there with you. But consider taking this day to start listening to that podcast you’ve had bookmarked for the last three months.

We get it: you’ve been lying to your friends for the past year, saying that you listen to all these podcasts to make yourself sound more interesting. We actually think the fact that you can recite every word of Parks and Rec is pretty damn interesting (but you might want to switch it up a bit on this special day).

3. Unplug for the day

Sure, using social media might seem lazy on the surface. However, the ever-prevalent news cycle is constantly tapping into our feed, so crappy news can seem unavoidable. While we shouldn’t blatantly overlook troubling news headlines—because social media is a powerful tool in our activism arsenal—sometimes we need space. You know, so our relationship with social media doesn't become more unhealthy.

4. Amp up on your skincare 

Skincare is at the top of everyone’s self-care routines, lazy day planners, and overall necessities. Although skincare might seem like a catch-all listicle trope at this point, taking your time with your skincare or just using the day to experiment with your beauty routine can be a relaxing part of your holiday.

Whether you want to pile a layer of moisturizer on your cheeks and wait for your pores to slowly absorb it or try a hair mask, try something the usual-lazy-you would have bypassed because of its longevity.

5. Take a nap

We know your sleep cycle is nonexistent. You might be staying up until sunrise scrolling through Twitter. Or maybe you’re just attempting to find balance in your impossible-to-manage your schedule. While taking a nap won’t reset your f*cked up sleep schedule, getting some extra sleep will make you feel less anxious.

Granted, if (for whatever reason) you hate sleeping or hate skincare masks, don’t incorporate them into your National Lazy Day itinerary. Everyone’s definition of a lazy day is relative, so find a day plan that makes the lazy girl in you yawn.