YouTuber Kian Lawley Was Dropped From The Upcoming Film 'The Hate U Give' After A Racist Video Surfaced

Kian Lawley, YouTuber and actor, will be replaced in the upcoming film The Hate U Give after a video of him saying racial slurs like the N-word surfaced on the internet. Didn’t you get the memo, buddy? This type of cruel behavior will no longer be tolerated in 2018.

Warning: This video contains offensive language.

In the video, Lawley makes a variety of disturbing comments, including, “We’re all black drinking purple Kool-aid and eating Kentucky fried motherf*king chicken." 

20th Century Fox confirmed to Variety that "due to the controversy surrounding his [Lawley's] past comments and behavior," any scenes with him will be reshot and his character, Chris, will be recast.  

Considering what the movie is about, it makes Lawley’s comments even more controversial and unsettling. The Hate U Give (based on a book of the same name by Angie Thomas) tells the story of a girl named Starr, played by Amanda Stenberg, who is caught between the poor black neighborhood she lives in and the rich, white prep school she attends. The contrasts within her take an even bigger turn she witnesses her childhood best friend get shot by a police officer. The twist? She’s the only witness.

This sounds like a must-see movie as it sadly relates to today’s realities we continuously see on the news. Lawley, who has received obvious backlash for his actions in the video, has since spoken out.

Hopefully, his words hold some truth to them.

I’m grateful to see so many powerful companies and productions holding people, especially ones in the spotlight, accountable for their actions. May Lawley’s mistakes be a reminder to all.