Your School Could Win a Free Cardi B Concert Just By Swiping Right—Okurrrr?

Get your Tinder-swiping fingers ready. Cardi B is partnering with Tinder to give schools across the nation a chance to win a free concert given by none other than the "Bodak Yellow" queen herself. The best part? All you have to do is swipe right more than any other school. It's literally that easy.

"The school with the most right swipes will be blessed with Cardi B’s ferocious flow (and probably another iconic dress)," Tinder noted in a statement. "Tinder’s top universities will face-off in a single-elimination format. Students will try to out-right-swipe the competition to advance to the next round. Each round will last 2-4 days (depending on the round), and the winner will be announced April 18."


The contest kicked offon March 27 and will continue until April 18—but you'll know when you're school is knocked out, as there are regular elimination announcements. The announcements are as follows:

  • Mar. 30: Top 64 schools announced.
  • April 2: Top 32 announced. 
  • April 5: Top 16 announced.
  • April 9: Top 8 announced. 
  • April 13: Top 2 announced.
  • April 18: Winner announced.

"College students have been huge supporters of me and my music, so I'm super excited to show them some love by performing an exclusive concert on the winning campus thanks to Tinder," Cardi B said. Girl, we can't wait either.

If you haven't already, I would get to swiping on that app ASAP, unless you want to miss out on a FREE Cardi B concert. That'd be devastating, TBH. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go hang posters on every inch of my college campus so we win.