This 'Young & Hungry' Book Has Everything You Need to Stay Alive

One of the reasons why I love Young & Hungry is because Gabi Diamond is a relatable hot mess, just like the rest of us. In the midst of her dating and career highs and lows, she somehow finds time to be a fantastic chef, too, which is more than I can say for myself. Enter Young & Hungry: Your Complete Guide to a Delicious Life!

Omg, my prayers have been answered. Now, not only can I cook like Gabi (PRAISE! Guys, I don't think you know how much I need this.), but this book is also jam-packed with dating, friendship, entertaining and health advice for the girl who's "young, single, short on cash and passionate about food." Me, me, me!

Written by Diana Snyder, a writer for the Freeform series, and Gabi Moskowitz, the real-life chef Gabi's character is based on, this book is about to become your go-to guide to, well, life itself. First of all, the recipes are ~everything~. I'm talking oven nachos, watermelon salad pizza, rocky road brownies, one-pot spaghetti and chocolate croissants. Can you say, "yum"? Top that off with a heap of advice ranging from how to fall in love when you're abroad to how to incorporate your friends into your healthy routine to how to be the oatmeal of your office.

See, I told you this book would become your everything. It's basically going to keep you alive, and I think that's reason enough to pick up a copy.

Young & Hungry: Your Complete Guide to a Delicious Life is out April 11.