You Can Intern For Cartoon Network & Get Paid To Work On 'Powerpuff Girls' Content

I don't know about you, but my entire childhood consisted of me in front of the TV enamored by three badass kindergartners—the one and only Powerpuff Girls. I was obsessed with the show, even role playing with my friends (naturally, I was Blossom).

The idea that three girls could still be in touch with their emotions and femininity while kicking ass was so empowering to me as a preschooler, so you can imagine my excitement when Cartoon Network announced that they are looking for interactive interns for their EMPOWERPUFF Internship Program to celebrate 20 years of The Powerpuff Girls.

According to the Turner application website, they are looking for applicants with talents in content creation: writers, illustrators, designers, videographers, etc. Candidates should be 18 years or older and be able to work 6-10 hours a week for this 12-month program.

The chosen interns will work with marketing and creative professionals within Cartoon Network headquarters—and with each other—to bring The Powerpuff Girls brand strategies to life through innovative and engaging content.

The application requires you to create a 3-5 minute video highlighting the most positively powerful aspects of yourself, answering these questions: What are your passions? Who and what makes you feel empowered? How do you help empower others?

Fortunately, you can be situated anywhere within the United States to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The website doesn't specify a due date, but I suggest applying as soon as possible—because if you don't jump on this internship, you know I will.